Five Famous Piano Practice Pitfalls

Week after week I encounter the five famous piano practice pitfalls.

Those five things that go wrong at your piano lesson.

But Рgood news!! They could be avoided.

Better yet, eliminated altogether!!

By using some caution while practicing, we will see those pitfalls become eliminated, one glorious problem at a time.

Here is a list of the five famous piano practice pitfalls:

  1. Incorrect fingering – Most pieces or exercises at least give a few starting fingering to get us on track to using logical fingering. In some popular music, they may have to be figured out and written in manually by the teacher or the student.
  2. Not counting – Always look at the time signature at the beginning to find out how many beats per measure. I always recommend writing the counting in the music throughout the piece.
  3. Playing hands together without practicing hands alone first – If one hand doesn’t know its part well, and the other hand doesn’t know its part very well, then putting it together produces horrible results. No two ways around it. Can you say, “train wreck?”
  4. Playing too fast – Some students are born with super speed and everything they do has to be lightning speed. Not when it comes to learning piano. Slow down and take your time for correct fingerings, counting, and hands alone practice. Where’s the rush??
  5. Not paying attention to key signatures – Always hitting a B natural instead of a B flat? Avoid this common pitfall by checking the key signature at the beginning of the piece to see how many sharps or flats you need to be on the lookout for.

And these, my friends, are the five famous piano practice pitfalls! Don’t fall victim to any of them!

Let us know what you problems are when you are learning to play the piano.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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