How Long Should I Practice?

As students come to me for their first lesson, that all-too-familiar question is asked by either the student or their parent.

How long should I practice?

Growing up, my mom would set the kitchen “buzzer” on the stove for 30 minutes. When the buzzer went off, it was the end of my practice time.

In this day and age my answer is not so much a measurement of time, especially as a beginner, but to begin a new habit of playing the piano every single day.

Each student is different and my – how families are busier and busier these days!! But my answer has remained the same. . .do a little bit every day. Form your new habit. Touch the piano daily.

Practice your songs five times each or more every day and then work up to a more regimented practice as you become more advanced.

Or after two songs, work on a handful of flash cards. Then return to the rest of your pieces.

I think the key is – – once you have developed the discipline to sit down on a daily basis, the time will take care of itself. You will want to play until your heart is content (or at least that is every piano instructor’s dream!)

Now go practice!