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About The piano instructor

Here are four important skills to help you become proficient as a "blossoming" pianist.
  • To start off, we need to know up from down on the piano, the patterns of black keys and white keys, and the basic knowledge of the staff and how notes are placed on the staff. 25% of the way there!

  • Note reading 101 - we need to know the difference between line and space notes, how they travel up and down on the piano & staff, and be able to recognize the distance between the notes on the staff and how it relates to the distance between the notes on the piano. 50% of the way to becoming a better pianist!

  • What do all the signs mean? Where does the music's roadmap go? How loud or soft to play the music? These are all building our music vocabulary. Identify the signs and know what they mean. 75% toward a piano aficionado!

  • Our music is built around scales and include chords, cadences & chord inversions. Identifying chord names within your music can make it easier to remember where your fingers need to go next! Well on your way to 100% piano proficiency!

Our Team

Husband & Wife Duo

Kari Raflik

Piano Instructor & Content Creator
Kari is the creative mind of all content on this site. She currently teaches piano lessons, is a piano & organ accompanist, and has been a professional keyboard player.

Don Raflik

Technology & Overall Support
Don is the patient technology guru and overall support of Kari’s ideas for The Piano Instructor site. Without him, she would have given up on this blog, as she is not a techie herself!

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